Why “Helper” Educator?

I have a lot of colleagues who’ve gone on to get their doctorates in “Counselor Education.”  I’m jealous of that credential; I’m more jealous of their role.  However, I have been very blessed to find myself in a role where I not only educate counselors but all sorts of people who provide help and assistance in various behavioral health settings.

So, I’m not just a “counselor” educator, I’m a “helper” educator.  And I’m a coach.  I assist clinicians with clinical supervision and consultation, but I also help people who are trying to find their niche or gain a credential.

Right now my focus is on behavioral health “helpers,” but I believe that everyone who provides service or care to people can benefit from support and education.  So, as I continue to explore some ideas on the theories of help, I thought I’d share some of those insights with you.

– Kirk


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