Helping with Hope

I often tell my students that if they can do nothing else in their helping relationship with a client, they can offer them hope.  Hope that they can improve, that they can find healing, growth, or a new life outside of their addiction or problem.

My name is Kirk Sheppard and I’m a licensed professional clinical counselor with a supervisory endorsement in the state of Ohio.  My current role is that of educator; I’m a behavioral health trainer for a large non-profit behavioral health agency. In that role, I get to lecture and teach a variety of topics – from ethics and professionalism to higher level courses on how to write interpretive summaries and case conceptualization.  In my trainings, we discuss addiction and recovery of many types, techniques and skills to help people make progress in treatment, and how to document the work.

My students are at all different levels and licensure.  I have created a robust curriculum to help people new to the field earn credentials in chemical dependency and provide continuing education for Masters level clinicians.  I also teach as an adjunct professor in a Masters of Counseling program and help mold new counselors into authentic helpers.

I love it; it’s as if I’ve finally found my true professional passion. And so this website will allow me to share some of my insights with the masses. And who knows – maybe you’ll decide to take one of my live or online courses. They are open to the public for a nominal fee.  Email me for more details!

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