Why “Helper” Educator?

I have a lot of colleagues who've gone on to get their doctorates in "Counselor Education."  I'm jealous of that credential; I'm more jealous of their role.  However, I have been very blessed to find myself in a role where I not only educate counselors but all sorts of people who provide help and assistance... Continue Reading →

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Helping with Hope

I often tell my students that if they can do nothing else in their helping relationship with a client, they can offer them hope.  Hope that they can improve, that they can find healing, growth, or a new life outside of their addiction or problem.

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Same Day Access Shouldn’t Limit Access

Same Day Access, or "open access," is a model of intake in behavioral health that came about in response to the influx of new clients who were able to seek services thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of Medicaid services.  According to Scott Lloyd at MTM Consultants, same-day access models reduce the... Continue Reading →

Prioritizing Autonomy

I taught a 4 hour class on developing treatment plans for substance abusing clients last week.  The first half of the class was focused on philosophy; justifying the need for a plan and working through the theoretical reasons why it's important to allow clients to have a say in the development of their plan. "Autonomy,"... Continue Reading →

Helpers Acknowledge Racism

In order to effectively help others, we need to acknowledge the hurt we've caused.  Healing has to begin somewhere. Maybe for you it's a different religious or spiritual figure than Jesus. Regardless, the message of taking responsibility for what we've done and allowed to happen in the world is the same. We have to acknowledge... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Help?

Everyone who helps people has one.  I know that many of us have struggled with feeling pigeon-holed into picking one as we worked on our Masters Degrees in Counseling.  Or perhaps you were like me and thought theory was boring and impractical.  But what I've learned through my work as a professional counselor and trainer/coach... Continue Reading →

Helpers Don’t Ignore

I was struggling to decide where to eat dinner tonight; sometimes that's a hard decision for me. I settled on one of my usual spots near my apartment and I'll spare you the probably-pathological decision tree that I used to determine where to go. I parked the car and walked in, but not without being... Continue Reading →

Four Ethical Life-Hacks

An essential component of being a helper is having a solid ethical foundation.  Here are four life-hacks that I think will give you a jumpstart on building your own ethical theory and perspective. "It all depends."  My graduate school professor taught this to us and reinforced it in every week of the class we took... Continue Reading →


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